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The lovely blue Danube – no other river in the world flows through as many countries.

On its journey through ten different countries, Europe’s second longest river passes through quite a number of exciting big cities between its source in the Black Forest and its estuary into the Black Sea as well as constantly providing spectacular views of fascinating riverscapes. It is said that the world’s loveliest cities have always been built beside water and a journey along the majestic Danube testifies to that truth.


This quintessential cruise along the beautiful Danube connects Passau, the ”Three Rivers City” of the Inn, Ilz and Danube with the “Queen of the Danube” — the capital city Budapest. Traverse four of Europe’s most important countries while visiting three world famous capital...

Passau → Budapest

8 Days

Budapest → Passau

8 Days

This fascinating journey takes you along the most beautiful stretches of the Danube, into the heart of the once-illustrious Habsburg monarchy. From the Bavarian “Three-Rivers City” of Passau, cruise to Budapest, the “Queen of the Danube”. Visit four of Europe’s most important countries and three world-famous capital cities (Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava). Cruise through diverse landscapes...

Passau → Passau

8 Days

This one-week cruise combines the two great European rivers Rhine and Danube in an exciting and  impressive way. The scenic highlights are the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, with its numerous castles, and the tranquil Main meanders. In terms of culture and history, you can...

Cologne → Passau

8 Days

Passau → Cologne

8 Days

On this cruise you truly experience the Danube, probably the most beautiful river of Europe, in its entire length. You will cruise along 4,000 river kilometers, visit eight countries (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania), and five world-renowned capital cities (Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade and Bucharest). The trip through the “Iron Gates”, the...

Passau → Passau

16 Days

This unforgettable journey combines the best of Europe’s countryside, cities and villages, as well as natural beauty. Travel through seven countries (Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania) and five world-famous capital cities (Vienna, Budapest,...

Vienna → Bucharest

10 Days

Bucharest → Vienna

11 Days

This Danube River cruise passes through four countries (Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia), three world-famous capital cities (Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava), and through diverse landscapes such as the “Schlögener Schlinge” below Passau, the picturesque, myth-enshrouded...

Nuremberg → Budapest

8 Days

Budapest → Nuremberg

8 Days

This 9 day cruise combines the majesty of two great European rivers - the Rhine and the Danube. Explore the Upper Middle Rhine Valley with its numerous castles, and experience the tranquil Main meanders. Travel the man-made Main-Danube canal - a stunning technological marvel -...

Passau → Trier

9 Days

Trier → Passau

9 Days

Journey through the heart of Europe, along the most beautiful stretches of the Danube. See the "Great Loop" - one of the most original sectors of the Danube, where the river, unable to erode the hard, volcanic granite, has created a meander-formed river bed. Discover Vienna with its baroque buildings and in the evening, let the waltz begin in the “city of waltzes”! Admire the majestic...

Passau → Passau

4 Days

Vienna – magnificent metropolis

Succumb to Vienna’s magical charms and experience at first hand the Austrian capital’s numerous sights, its impressive buildings and monuments. At the heart of the vibrant inner city you’ll also find, in addition to the lively pedestrian zone and the wide range of shopping facilities, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a world-famous cultural treasure and city landmark. Magnificent and hugely impressive buildings dating from many different eras are situated on the Ringstrasse, such as the Hofburg (Imperial Palace), the Parliament Building and the Staatsoper (State Opera). Schloss Schoenbrunn (Schoenbrunn Palace) with its glorious, extensive parklands is also without doubt one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna: Maria Theresa’s former imperial residence and its gardens were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.


The Hungarian metropolis of Budapest is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. It’s a city full of life, with impressive buildings and numerous sights waiting for you. The Danube divides the city into the two parts Buda and Pest and the world-famous Parliament Building, Budapest’s landmark, is situated right on the banks of the river. Admire the splendid Baroque buildings, visit the Heroes’ Square and the famous Chain Bridge or Castle Hill, on which St. Matthew Church and the famous Fisherman’s Bastion stand.

The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is the best preserved river delta in Europe and is scenically particularly attractive. This is where the Danube divides into three main and countless side branches before finally flowing into the Black Sea. This ecosystem covers an area of 5,000 km² (2,000 mi²) and is Europe’s largest wetlands and the largest continuous stretch of reed beds on earth. The Danube Delta provides a habitat for more than 5,000 species of plants and animals, mainly due to its scenic diversity: floating islands, lakes and original floodplain forests alternate with extremely arid areas and sand dunes, which explains the particularly wide range of flora and fauna. Ships have no difficulty navigating the delta as far as ‘Kilometre 0’, the Danube‘s first kilometre marker and the point at which the river, after its long journey right across Europe, flows into the Black Sea.