Magic of Advent on the Rhine and Main
7 Days
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Magic of Advent on the Rhine and Main


7 Days

Make the most of the advent season with this festive seasonal cruise! From Strasbourg in France, cruise along the legendary Rhine River to Speyer, one of Germany’s oldest towns, visit Mannheim, situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar rivers, and discover Mainz, capital of the beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany, where you can try local delicacies or visit the Gutenberg museum. Travel along the Main River to the commercial hub Frankfurt and onward to the romantic, medieval towns of Miltenberg and Wertheim. Finally, wrap up your cruise with a stop in Würzburg, located in the midst of the Franconian wine-growing district, and Bamberg, one of Germany’s most beautiful towns. 


Begin your festive advent journey in the city which is the official seat of the European Parliament – Strasbourg. After embarking in the afternoon, spend some time relaxing on board, enjoying the Welcome Cocktail and meeting your fellow travelers at the celebratory Welcome Dinner.

Stay Strasbourg

Departure at 9:00pm

Your first stop is in Speyer, one of Germany’s oldest towns, situated in the beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate region. During the course of the morning’s guided tour, uncover Speyer’s secrets and history, which goes back to the Romans. The tour includes a visit to the imperial Speyer Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Before lunch, your vessel will leave Speyer and head for Mannheim. If you choose to join the afternoon tour, you will pay a visit to the nearby university town of Heidelberg, picturesquely nestled among the forested slopes of the Neckar and Rhine valleys, visit the ruins of Heidelberg castle, and soak in the festive atmosphere of the Heidelberg Christmas market. While you wind down at a delicious evening meal, your cruise ship will continue on its way.

Stay Speyer

7:00am - 11:30am


Stay Mannheim

2:00pm - 6:45pm


You are spoilt for choice this morning with two fascinating tour options: explore Mainz with a visit to one of its bakeries, famous for local delicacies such as Christstollen and Bethmännchen. Alternatively, after a stroll through Mainz, visit the Gutenberg Museum, one of the oldest printing museums in the world, where you can delve into the fascinating world of printing and literacy. Return to your vessel for a tasty lunch while you head to one of Germany’s most populous cities and an important commercial hub – Frankfurt. In the evening, why not join us as we tour a traditional apple farm and taste the apple cider for which the region is known. In the evening, while you enjoy the company of your fellow travelers at dinner, your vessel will continue its journey down the Main River.

Stay Mainz

5:00am - 11:00am


Stay Frankfurt

5:00pm - 11:00pm


Spend the morning at a leisurely breakfast and enjoy the amenities of your floating hotel. After lunch, you can choose to continue relaxing on board or join one of two available excursions. You can take part in a guided stroll through the romantic town of Miltenberg, full of medieval flair and half-timbered houses, followed by a visit to the nearby town of Wertheim, where you will discover the seemingly magical art of glassblowing at the local glass museum. Alternatively, explore Miltenberg, taste some festive Lebkuchen (a kind of gingerbread), and then make your way to Wertheim to learn more about its romantic alleyways and ruined castle. After you rejoin your ship in Wertheim, it will set sail again while you spend the evening in style and comfort.

Stay Miltenberg

2:00pm - 2:30pm


Stay Wertheim

6:30pm - 7:00pm

The Bavarian town of Würzburg is known for its Baroque and Rococo architecture as well as its picturesque location in the midst of the Franconian wine-growing district. In the morning, discover more about this architecturally magnificent town, including the imperial palace known as the Würzburg Residence, one of the foremost examples of the southern German Baroque style. Your visit to the Residence will conclude with a tasting of typical Franconian wine in the time-honored cellar of the palace. In the afternoon, two optional excursions await you. One takes you to the unforgettable little town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the most perfectly preserved medieval towns in Europe. Don’t miss the chance to try the local sweet treat known as Schneeballen (snowballs). The alternative excursion takes you to Marienberg Fortress, an imposing structure on the left bank of the Rhine with a spectacular view over Würzburg.

Stay Wuerzburg

9:00am - 6:00pm


Enjoy a leisurely morning on board, admiring the passing Main riverscape. In the afternoon, discover Bamberg, a former imperial city. It is considered one of Germany’s most beautiful cities and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its medieval layout, many historic buildings and imposing Baroque facades. Bamberg was founded in 1007 and is surrounded by the famous seven hills of Bamberg, each topped with a church. Back on board in the evening, drink a toast to your successful cruise, your fellow guests and the hospitable AMADEUS crew at the celebratory Captain’s Gala Dinner.

Stay Bamberg

3:00pm - 7:00pm


Don’t miss out on one final, delicious breakfast on board before disembarking. The AMADEUS team wishes you safe travels and hopes to welcome you back soon.

Stay Nuremberg

Arrival at 7:00am

We reserve the right to make amendments to the timetable and program.

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Excursions and excursion packages

Cruise your way and choose from a carefully curated selection of immersive and inspiring excursions and adventures! Select one of our packages offered at a discounted rate when purchased in advance or book individual shore excursions at regular rates on board your cruise.

Introductory Excursion Package | for only 152 per person

Enjoy a package of these pre-selected excursions for a discounted rate when purchased in advance.
Additional shore excursions can be purchased onboard at the below rate.

  • Speyer walking tour with visit to the Imperial Dome
  • Evening excursion to Frankfurt with visit to an apple farm and hot cider tasting
  • Würzburg with visit to the Residenz
  • Bamberg walking tour

Save up to 50 per person

Unlimited Excursion Package | for only 294 per person

Pick from our selection of unforgettable shore excursions, plus enjoy a discounted rate when purchased in advance. 
Book our unlimited excursion package prior to departure for a great value. Create your personalized shore excursion program by choosing your favorite tours from our list of exciting options in each port. Please note, a discounted excursion may not be exchanged for another while during your cruise.

Strasbourg – Nuremberg

Unit Price

Speyer walking tour with visit to the Imperial Dome


Excursion to Heidelberg with Christmas Market


Mainz walking tour with visit to a bakery


OR Mainz walking tour with Gutenberg Museum


Evening excursion to Frankfurt with visit to an apple farm and hot cider tasting


Miltenberg walking tour and Wertheim with glass museum


OR Miltenberg walking tour with gingerbread and Wertheim walking tour


Würzburg with visit to the Residenz


Medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber and tasting of local pastries


OR Visit to the Marienberg Fortress (Wuerzburg)


Bamberg walking tour


Prices per person if excursions are purchased on board.

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